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Free iPad Mini 16GB 4G & WIFI With Horizon

Posted on by Alan

Your Free iPad Mini Is On The Horizon

As Christmas seems to be fast approaching here at Crown Telecom, we’re in the mood for a giveaway to boost your Christmas excitement with an early gift!

Free iPad Mini 16GB
To bring in some Christmas cheer, we’re giving every customer who signs up for a Horizon phone package a free iPad Mini 16GB 4G & WIFI throughout October and November 2015!

For this limited period, you’ll get your very own free IPad Mini when you order 15 connections or more on our fabulous Horizon package.

What are you waiting for, Christmas? Grab yours now!

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Find the perfect Horizon package for your business

Posted on by Alan

At Crown Telecom you can find the perfect Horizon telephone package for your business! Get in touch with us today to find out how your company can benefit from an Horizon package. Alternatively, you can request a call back from one of our advisors!

Horizon is a telecommunications service for business that provides an wide range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. This complete service allows you, the administrator, to manage your environment quickly and efficiently whilst allowing your employees to maximise their productivity. Find out more here! Crown Horizon

Find the perfect Horizon package for your business | Crown Telecom

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Choosing A Business Phone Number

Posted on by Alan

Why Do You Need A Telephone Number For Your Business?

Are you looking for a business telephone number but, not quite sure which one would be suitable for your business? Well, you’re not alone…

There are over 5 million businesses in the UK and over 90% of these rely on a telephone number as a point of contact for their customers. Some companies have more outgoing calls than incoming calls and many other firms have more incoming calls than outbound calls. One thing you can be assured of is that you’d be surprised how many of these companies come to us with the same question… Continue reading

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Crown Tele-com-ic in full swing

Posted on by admin

It may be trying to snow outside today, but here at Crown Telecom is all “red s-noses” round the office! All in aid of Comic Relief. So, dig deep today peeps and do you bit. Happy Friday all. :))

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Crown Tele-Com-ic Relief

Posted on by Alan

At Crown Telecom, we love a good dress up but, this year all of our staff members will be dressing down to raise money for Comic Relief!

For every new customer – Crown Telecom will donate to Comic Relief 2015!

Comic Relief is a long standing charity based in the UK which works hard to eradicate poverty and offer a better world for less-fortunate people.

It has been going for 29 years and in that time has raised close to a billion pounds! Hopefully this year we can help break that billion barrier and you can also help break that barrier just by signing up as a brand new customer with Crown Telecom.

To help raise money without new customers, we’ll be having a dress down Friday where our staff will be donating money to Comic Relief to leave their shirts and ties at home in exchange for some good ol’ comfies and slacks!!

But, we don’t want you to miss out in participating, so for every new customer we take on Friday 13th March, we’ll donate even more money to Comic Relief!

If you’re doing something for Comic Relief then we wish you all the best with your day of money raising and from everybody at Crown Telecom, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

A little bit about our services… (a shameless plug)

Our products and services are perfectly designed for modern business communication and our staff are expertly trained to offer you sound advice with your telecoms. You can find a list of popular telecoms solutions which we offer below and right now, we have some unbeatable telecoms deals for you to take full advantage of:

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Behind Enemy Phone-lines

Posted on by Alan

After a sluggish start on Monday (must have been the effects of our ‘late’ Christmas do over the weekend) we finally raised our game again today to come back from behind enemy lines!

Crown Telecom - War of the Workplace Quiz - Uncle Sam I want you to answer my questions

The score after yesterday’s narrow defeat was 10 – 8.5 which outlines the noticeable impact on the question difficulty we’re now receiving. After deciding to bite the bullet and lick our wounds, communication between our force has since improved and we now go into tomorrow’s show with a slight edge!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the competitors so far, for making this fun and giving us a good run for our money! A big thanks also goes out to last week’s team who came mightily close to beating us ‘The Pretender’ and good luck to this week’s challengers ITPC!

Today we finished 15.5 – 12 giving us a small but, much-appreciated lead!

Join us on Tower FM, 12:20pm weekdays on War of The Workplace!

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The Answer Machines

Posted on by Alan

Last week saw us remain champions after five weeks running on the Tower FM quiz show – War of the Workplace!

Crown Telecom - war of the workplace - week 6

Egg Heads

Last week was a close call but, we managed to retain our ‘defending champions’ status and heading into the 6th week today with an 8-7 victory has certainly put the wind in our sails!

Call us lucky but, we’re riding the wave at the moment and we’d love a top challenge to test our wits against! Listen in and support us or get your workplace involved and come and take us on!

If you feel like you’re in no-man’s land regarding this and unsure of the times to tune in then find the details below!

Radio stationTower FM 107.4
Day – Mon – Fri
Time – Every lunch at 12:20pm

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War Of The Workplace Update – Week 4

Posted on by Alan

Today, we beat The Village People (No not the disco band from the 70’s) to remain crowned champions of War of the Workplace quiz for the 4th week running on Tower FM!

forgetting phones and war

Danger signal!

We go into next week aiming for our 5th victory but, this week was a much tougher battle and meant that we had to come back from an early deficit. The ‘dial’emma quickly resolved itself by the mid-week and going into today’s showdown we were leading by 3 points!

After a nailbiting start, we finally went to town on The Village People and their score wasn’t enough to kill us off and they eventually conceded! Much fun has been had by all here and I’m sure our opponents had a lot of fun too!

Roll on next week and we hope you can join us for support and entertainment!

Have a great weekend guys!

Crown Telecom Team

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No Hang-Ups For Crown Telecom

Posted on by Alan

War of The Workplace has been invaded by Crown Telecom for another week as our team battle it out with more businesses in the local area! Last week’s victory put us on our 3rd week running and continue into this week aiming for a 4th week at the top!

War of The Workplace - Crown Telecom - Week 4

Bombs Away!

These past weeks have certainly been explosive but, we’ve found our feet each time and answered each call of duty with bravery and honour! Our army of quizmasters has certainly passed the test recently with some fantastic knowledge-based fighting! It’s a strong signal of great things to come and we look forward to defeating our opponents throughout week 4.

No Phoney!

It’s no fluke that we’re defending champions! If we don’t win this week we’ll “dial trying” but, we’re confident to get another surefire win! So far the title has been withheld from us however, you can call me an optimist but Crown Telecom being week 4 winners has a nice ring to it!

Follow us, support us, listen to us or fight against us on Tower FM!

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War Is Delayed…

Posted on by Alan

Nobody loves war but here at Crown Telecom, we’re raring to get our little ‘War Of The Workplace’ under way only to recently learn that it has been rescheduled for Monday 15th December. So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for eagerly tuning in but, we’ll just have to wait a few more days for battle!

In the meantime, we hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas, keeping yourselves warm and dry, and looking forward to your weekend!

See you all next week

Crown Telecom

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War of the Workplace II

Posted on by Alan

Attention! The civilians amongst you who have a memory like a Persian War Elephant may remember the Crown Telecom team taking part in the ‘War of the Workplace’ quiz on Tower FM a couple of years ago. Well, call our battalion brilliant but, they’ve asked us back on the show and we’ve accepted their mission.Make calls not war - Crown Telecom

We will be on tour with the quiz from next Monday 8th December on Tower FM, fighting it out as the challengers every lunch at 12:20pm. The current champions are Bury FC and we’ll be warring with them daily with our own arsenal of knowledge. The winner will be the force which answers the most questions correctly in one minute.

This year we’re seriously gunning for the victory and would love all of your support again by listening in when we’re on. We have a real battle on our hands this year so your help would be massively appreciated and you’ll probably have a great laugh too.

Our last appearance on the show was an 11-week unbeaten run so we know we have what it takes to defeat an enemy or two.
We hope you enjoy listening in and to have you as one of our allies!

Over and Out!

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A Crown Telecom Christmas!

Posted on by Alan

Well, it’s almost upon us. We’ve tried to refrain from saying the word, we’ve almost done it for a full year but, with the likes of John Lewis, Marks and Sparks and ‘the rest’ trying to go all Hollywood with their Christmas ads, here at Crown Telecom, well, we think we’ve blown them all out of the water.

Sprinkle a bit of festive fun over the UK’s best telecoms bunch and what have you got?

Take it away guys…


Christmas Elves – Crown Telecom

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Tim Corbett

Posted on by admin

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Business Development Manager; Tim Corbett. Tim will be specialising in IP & Hosted Solutions for us.

Here is a bit more about Tim in his own words:

“I started working in the telecoms industry at the beginning of this year. Before this I worked in the motor industry for 17 years. I love my new role at Crown Telecom; I get to meet some great people and I’m learning new things every day. Thankfully I have some great backup from a focused team. The job gets me out to customers’ premises so I can get a full understanding of their needs. I love account managing and the challenges it brings. I pride myself in always looking for the right solution for the client”.

I was born: in Cheadle Hulme and for some reason I’ve never escaped.

Family:  I live with my fiancée Lisa, her daughter and son Bailley and Piersson and our newborn baby daughter Aardern.

Likes: The rare lie-in.

Dislikes: Lemon Curd.

I watch: (forced to) Coronation Street.

At the weekend: I enjoy every minute of time with my family.

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Crown Horizon – Cloud Based Telephone System

Posted on by admin

Horizon is a complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

Benefits of Crown Horizon

1. No more line rental or call charges!

2. You have an assured Gamma connection so the number simultaneous calls you require will be delivered and will be high quality.

3. Horizon gives you features such as;

    • Voicemail to email
    • Call Recording
    • Mobile App
    • Dial from screen
    • Dial from the system wherever you are with WIFI access
    • All Calls including mobile included
    • No line rentals
    • Call Queuing
    • Softphone client

The cost is just £20 per seat, per month!

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Receive £3,000 For A New Broadband Connection!

Posted on by admin

A new government scheme which allows businesses in 22 cities across the UK to get a free £3,000 voucher for their data connectivity has been launched and Crown Telecom are one of the registered suppliers for this scheme. This is a government backed initiative whereby the customer can claim back up to £3,000 in installation costs on a new data connection connection.

This voucher is available to those who:

  • Are based in a city that is participating in the connections voucher scheme. York, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Derby, Cardiff, Brighton, Belfast and Aberdeen are just some of the cities that are part of the super-connected scheme
  • Are a social enterprise, a charity or a small-medium sized company. This means that you must have less than 250 staff members and your company’s annual income cannot surpass £40 million
  • Have a need for a data connection that will cost more than £200
  • Work in an office building or your home is your permanent office. The voucher is not available to those who work at home from time-to-time
  • Will enter into at least a 6 month deal with their chosen supplier
  • Choose a data connection that will offer their business faster speeds or an improved performance – see terms and conditions for full details
  • Haven’t received in excess of £120,000 in support payments in the past three years

This voucher will cover the costs of upgrading your current data connection, so you don’t need to worry about justifying it.

Please be aware that each city has its own term and conditions, so please check your local page before applying. If you’re not ready to apply just yet, but think you will be in the near future, you can also register your interest on the website. For full terms and conditions, please visit

Don’t know where to start? Give Crown Telecom a call now on 08444 150 140 and we will be able to give FREE advice and talk you through the various options available to you on the connection vouchers scheme.

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Rochdale Stun Leeds in F.A. Cup

Posted on by admin

On Saturday (04/01/2014), a packed Spotland Stadium cheered as Rochdale FC stunned Leeds United with a fantastic 2-0 victory in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Dale dominated the game right up until the final whistle. Ian Henderson and Scott Hogan were the goal scorers for the home side, who will now advance to the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Members of the Crown Telecom and Crown Oil team were at the game to cheer on the Dale.

Rochdale will now face either Macclesfield Town or Sheffield Wednesday in the 4th round at Spotland Stadium. The fixture will be played on the weekend of 25th January.

Dale fans can support the club by taking out a contract* with Crown Telecom. For every contract that is taken out with Crown Telecom, Rochdale FC will receive a share of the revenue.

Click here for more information about this deal.

*Applies to new business customers only

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Have You Considered Horizon? – Cloud Based Telephony from Crown Telecom

Posted on by admin

Horizon is a whole communications facility for business that offers an extensive choice of both mobile and fixed telephony abilities via an easy-to-use web gateway. The facility allows you to effortlessly manage your environment while allowing your workers to get the most out of their work.

The facility has many clever features and an importance on control and management through the web that takes the load away from your IT department. You can rapidly configure the system consistent with your business’s changing needs, while your workers can manage calls simply and efficiently.

With just a minimal investment necessary, a dependable and established service, and a waffle free approach to telephony and communications, Horizon is appropriate for every sized business looking to advance their output and appearance.

Benefits of Horizon

  • Features you can effortlessly control – Horizon places you in complete control of your telephone system and is provided with an extensive variety of call handling and management features all operated through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Empower your staff with ‘one number anywhere’ – Horizon conveniently incorporates your mobile and fixed capabilities so that you never miss a call. Callers only need to dial one number to reach your desk telephone and mobile simultaneously; continuing calls can be moved effortlessly from one device to a different one without hanging up and a single voicemail box can be retrieved from any device.
  • An on-demand facility with no concealed costs – Horizon is built on a per seat price and on a three year period. The client will obtain free Cisco phones and routers, so no upfront charge aside from the installation of the appropriate data connection.

By selecting Crown Telecom for your cloud based telephony you will be guaranteed connectivity on broadband services. No other network offers this guaranteed voice connectivity on a data connection.

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Christmas Offers From Crown Telecom

Posted on by admin

Here at Crown Telecom, we have a number of special offers for new customers joining us this Christmas.

1) Get any phone system installed and receive 2 years free maintenance

2) Sign a 3 year deal and receive half price line-rental for the first quarter

3) Get £50 worth of accessories with all mobile contracts. 10 or more connections will receive £100 worth of accessories for free.


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Save Money On Your Calls & Support Rochdale AFC

Posted on by admin

Crown Telecom have joined forces with Rochdale AFC to offer an exclusive deal.

Take out a contract with Crown Telecom now and help us to invest in Rochdale AFC.


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New Crown Freedom Contract Available

Posted on by admin

Crown Telecom are pleased to announce our brand new Crown Freedom offer available on the Vodafone Network.

This 30 day contract includes:

  • Unlimited landline calls
  • Unlimited mobile calls
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1 GB data
  • 30 day rolling contract – not tied in for 1/2 years like most others

This contract is available now for £20 a month.

Additional data bundles are available on request.

To take advantage of this deal, call Crown Telecom now on 08444 150 140.


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We’re Recruiting!!

Posted on by admin

Crown Telecom are looking for an experienced Business Development Exec to join our expanding team based at Heap Bridge, Bury. The ideal candidate will have proven sales experience in a business to business environment, be hardworking and enthusiastic with a desire to succeed . In return we offer an excellent basic salary plus bonus and incentives, generous holidays and a fantastic working environment in our state of the art offices in Bury.

If you think you fit this description please email – in the first instance.


We are also looking for a customer service apprentice to join our support team working alongside sales and engineering, this role would ideally suit someone who has recently graduated from high school/college and may become a permanent position after 12 months for the right candidate. Applicants should send their CV to 

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Leased Line and Ethernet Services Available From Crown Telecom

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‘We believe our prices and service are the best available – call 08444 150 140 for a quote’

This blog post was written by Mark Nicklin; Managing Director at Crown Telecom.

As Telephony services come to rely more and more on IP Services and data connectivity dedicated and reliable Data connections are vital. A leased line or Ethernet connection from Crown Telecom can provide this via a private connection.

Identical downstream and upstream speeds are provided on leased lines due to the symmetric bandwidth. They are usually installed as:

  • A point to point connection to connect two customer locations
  • A data centre and a customer location connection
  • An internet connection via a connection from a customer location and a point of presence

Fibre to the Cabinet services are ideal for smaller data requirements and Crown Telecom can provide these at extremely competitive costs including £0.00 install and foc routers! For larger data and voice requirements a Leased Line or Ethernet Circuit is ideal and we can supply these from 10Mb services up to 1GB providing an uncontended and dedicated service.

Ethernet circuits and leased lines are suitable for MPLS VPNS, direct internet access and point to point connections and provide quality voice performance for our hosted and IP Telephone systems.

Features and Benefits

  • The router is fully managed giving internet connections of up to 1Gb
  • A backup ADSL option
  • Fully managed substitute secondary rented line circuit standby options that are available in bespoke designs
  • Point to multi point and point to point circuits available in up to 1Gb
  • Managed services offer a money back guarantee
  • All major and smaller UK carriers are used to be able offer the best possible price
  • Support line available
  • All leased line circuits have fast fault resolution
  • Response to faults within 1 hour
  • All leased line circuits come with full fault resolution
  • Available throughout the UK and international connectivity obtainable through NSSP
  • Pre-sales consultation and bespoke design services available
  • Priced competitively
  • Purchasing volume attracts significant carrier discounts
  • EFM currently available from over 1000+ PoPs across the UK

To get a quote on our leased lines and Ethernet services, please give us a call on 08444 150 140. 

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We’re Recruiting…

Posted on by admin

We are looking for experienced sales people and a team leader to join our team in Bury. These roles would suit people who are enthusiastic and have a desire to succeed. A background in the telecoms industry would be an advantage but is not essential.

Anyone interested in applying for the team leader position must have experience of managing a telesales team and a proven track record in meeting targets.

All CVs to be sent to

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Did You Know Crown Telecom Supply Business Phone Numbers?

Posted on by admin

Most people know us as a provider of telecommunications equipment to businesses. However, we also supply a range of phone numbers to suit your business.

A phone number is very important for business as it can make the difference as to whether a customer calls you or a competitor.

Gone are the days when you had to be located in the area to benefit from that area’s dialling code. If you’re a national company with only one office, Crown Telecom can now supply your business with a phone number for every area that you want to target.

Research has shown that customers are more likely to call a local number when compared to a national 0845 number. It’s also important that the number is easy for customers to recall, so they won’t have trouble trying to remember it.

Another factor that influences a caller’s decision is the price of the call. Most mobile phone operators offer 01 and 02 numbers free as part of their package. Therefore, customers will be more inclined to phone a number they know is free rather than one they know they will be charged to call.

The phone numbers provided by Crown Telecom include:

  • 01/02 numbers
  • 0333 numbers
  • 0800 numbers
  • 0844 numbers
  • 0845 numbers
  • 0871 numbers

For any business that operates in other countries, Crown Telecom can also supply international phone numbers where you can appear local to that country.

The most memorable numbers are going fast. So if you want to benefit from a memorable business phone number then you need to act fast.

For more information on the phone numbers supplied by Crown Telecom, please visit

When purchasing a business phone number from Crown Telecom, you will also receive access to a number of call management features including; auto attendant and call queuing.

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New Vans

Posted on by admin

We have recently invested in some brand new vans. Expect to see them on a road near you very soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think. Do you like the new design?

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Telephone Hacking – Are you prepared?

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Telephone hacking is costing businesses £4 billion a year globally. Will you be protected if someone manages to hack into your phone system?

Phone hacking is commonly known as ‘phreaking’, with the culprits known as ‘phreakers’. Within seconds of hacking into your phone system, phreakers can gain access to your voicemail and PINs.

Phreaking Facts

  • Phone hacking most commonly takes place during holiday periods or after hours, when your business is closed.
  • Phreaking can cause serious disruption to your business. It can also severely increase the cost of your telecoms bill.
  • Just like your computer needs anti-virus software, your telephone system is also vulnerable to hacking.


To prevent your phone system from being hacked into you will need to purchase an anti-fraud system, such as Crown Telecoms Voice Firewall. This system will monitor all calls and automatically disconnect any authorised numbers. You can control the system to define what time the system kicks in and which numbers can be called outside office hours.

Double Protection

The Sense Voice Firewall system can be supplied as part of a wider call management package. Using this system together with Call Analyser, you can identify fraud quickly and also allows you to report on your call activity.

Sense Voice Firewall Features

  • Connects easily to any phone system and network
  • Does not limit the functionality of the system
  • Blocked attempted calls will be highlighted on the events log
  • Restrict incoming calls by DDI number
  • Expandable with additional hardware
  • Easy upgrade path to sense Call Recording systems
  • Low power consumption

By purchasing this system from Crown Telecom, you will receive:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Installation
  • On-site maintenance

For more information call us now on 08444 150 140.

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New Vacancy

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Crown Telecom Solutions Ltd – the expanding Bury based business Telecoms provider are looking for a dynamic new business sales executive.


Are you hard working with the desire to succeed ?


If so we offer a very good basic salary + bonuses and you will be based at our new state of the art premises at Heap Bridge, Bury.


Please apply in the first instance to Mark Nicklin.

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Call Recording Now Available from Crown Telecom

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More Cost Effective Than Any Other Call Recording Solution Available On the Market

Crown Telecom are offering call recording to small and medium sized companies through the Radius Call Recording system powered by Liquid Voice.

Our facility allows recording of between 2 and 30 synchronised calls in one place. The Radius Call Recording system is the perfect solution for businesses that require call recording but don’t yet need the features of a commercial or enterprise solution. This system is also ideal for those who need to screen their calls for quality purposes. The Radius Call Recording system is very cost effective as it is 33% cheaper than any other current call recording solutions.

All our systems have a central hardware constructed recording product so it does not have any of the difficulties associated with solutions that depend on users’ computers to access it and, since it’s founded on the same technology we employ for bigger organisations, it’s just as dependable.

We source a scalable phone call recording solution. It has been designed explicitly for small to mediums sized companies who are aiming to deliver a more proficient and active service. Here are the benefits call recording can offer you:

  • Logging your customer communications
  • Maintaining a record of your communication
  • Ensure your business is complying with all laws and regulations
  • Insuring you against expensive disputes
  • See which areas your business needs assistance in
  • Extension searching
  • Call cataloguing
  • Quality checking

Complete call recording

Direct voice and data call recording is a lawfully admissible call-recording solution which according to your necessities can record all or just a collection of calls. You can select to record or not to record calls based upon the caller’s telephone number, operator’s extension, DDI, period of day or date.

Web based via your web-browser; call recording can be retrieved from any computer on the network without the need for connection of software.

The ‘Radius powered by Liquid Voice’ suite delivers a unique range of robust, effective and economical solutions relevant to organisations of any size that can help improve your operational performance, ensure you’re complying with all laws and regulations, safeguard your enterprise and provide you with invaluable management information.

For more information on call recording, or for a quote please call Crown Telecom on 08444 150 140.

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FREE iPhone 4S 16GB

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We’re offering all our customers a FREE iPhone 4S on O2 with the On & On Business Tariff.

For just £35 a month, you will get:

  • Unlimited calls to mobiles & landlines
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited voicemail calls
  • 1GB of monthly data
  • Free access to O2 wi-fi
For full details, click here.

To get this fantastic deal, call us now on 08444 150 140.

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Using Both SIP and MPLS for Your Communication Plan

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As technology advances, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly replacing traditional ISDN based telephony as the primary choice for business calls. The main advantage of using VoIP is the huge cost savings. However, there are some disadvantages of using VoIP; these include the unknown security of the application and the quality of the calls.

SIP and MPLS are becoming more popular amongst business owners to create high performing networks capable of transferring the quality of VoIP applications. But what are SIP and MPLS and how do they work together to produce the next advancement in communications?


SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is extensively used for controlling communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the internet. Therefore, it is an essential part of the VoIP process. It is the part of VoIP that carries your voice over the internet and lets it be understood as communication. It basically works the same way as your telephone line except you can share data over it too.


MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching and is a mechanism in high-performance communication systems that guides data from one network node to the next based on small path labels rather than extended network addresses, evading difficult lookups in a routing table. It is a private circuit that connects multiple locations and remote users to one another. MPLS was created to increase the forwarding speed of routers. It has since gone on to become essential in the building of large IP networks. This means quicker internet speeds and an uncongested network. It is MPLS that allows you to gain access to hosted applications and transaction processing.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an application that allows voice to be sent over the internet. It is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and is replacing the traditional telephone line in many offices across the country. The reasons for VoIP’s popularity are the reduced costs and the ability to hold meetings online. One drawback against VoIP is that the internet wasn’t designed for audio/visual material. Therefore, it is common to experience some differences in the quality of the calls. However, if you want to enhance your VoIP activities it is advisable to enable SIP over MPLS.


When placed over MPLS, SIP allows the positioning of all the feature rich services that exceed even the simplest VoIP solution. This is due to MPLS being a private network built for data hungry applications and high powered services.

SIP trunking offers the facility to make and accept phone calls over the internet. The technology delivers an Internet Procedure for creating and upholding multi-party, diverse media conferences over united networks. SIP allows the formation and positioning of feature rich facilities that go further than simple VoIP calls.

It is possible to have SIP and not MPLS and vice versa, as they can work on their own and together. However, the benefits of placing SIP over MPLS are:

  • Improved voice quality
  • Improved security
  • Video transfer
  • Cheaper SIP costs
  • Possibility of full migration to Cloud services or unified communications
  • Increased functionality
  • Site to site VoIP

The truth for businesses is that they must be able to transfer information over the internet efficiently and securely. As the benefits of VoIP have come to be too great to disregard, the technology is now gaining momentum. Now, SIP over MPLS is providing even more functionality, with additional security and excellence guaranteed. For the end consumer, this improved functionality will bring benefits that exceed mere cost savings.

Crown Telecom Solutions is now one of the few companies to enable SIP over its own MPLS network. In doing so, Crown is allowing the quality of inbound and outbound calls over IP to be as good as that on a landline.

This type of platform is already getting rave reviews with our customers as they can combine many data and voice features on one cost effective network with high quality calls guaranteed.

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Crown Telecom Welcomes New Recruit

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We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Business Development Manager; Laura Keay. Laura joins Crown after spending over 6 years at Daisy Communications as Strategic Account Manager & Team Leader. Laura brings with her a wealth of experience in the B2B mobile marketplace (mainly O2 and Vodafone), where she specialised in new business and client retention. We welcome Laura into the team at Crown Telecom.

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Non-Geographic Numbers

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Non Geographic or telemarketing numbers are special phone numbers that don’t pin you to a geographical area so can increase national presence, and also can help make marketing your company easier.


Non Geographic numbers are split into several different categories, each with its own specific benefits:


0800 / 0808 Numbers – Freephone Numbers
Freephone numbers have an 0800/0808 prefix and are free of charge to the caller which means that your business pays the cost of all the calls.

UK consumers are more likely to call a company with a freephone number in preference to a comparable competitor without one.


0845 Numbers
Sometimes referred to as Lo-call, local or 0845 numbers enable the customer to call you for the cost of a local call or free from some land lines with a calls package, no matter where they are in the country, your business pays a small charge to receive the calls.


03xx Numbers

These are a new range of non-geographic number similar to 0845 in that the caller pays a ‘local call’ rate, the difference with 03xx numbers is they are included in mobile ‘free’ minutes.


0871 and 0844 Numbers – Fixed Rate Numbers

The advantage of adopting one of these telemarketing numbers is that you can generate an additional income for your business. 0844 numbers cost the caller up to 5p per minute, at all times, whereas 0871 numbers cost the caller up to 10p a minute, again at all times.

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10 Reasons Why We Love The Konftel 300M

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Teleconferencing saves you both money and time. Now you no longer have to spend a fortune or your time travelling for meetings. The Konftel 300M is a teleconferencing system with sound so clear it’s like having the other attendees next to you.

Konftel - Crown Telecom


1 – Omisound allows for crystal clear conversations on the Konftel 300M. This is done through the omni-directional microphone which is built into the device. The system also has three speakers for optimum sound quality. Noise suppression has also been incorporated into the device, which minimises distracting background noises. There is also a volume equaliser which allows you to adjust the sound levels to your own requirements.


2 – The Konftel 300M is battery operated with 30 hours of talk time. The device also comes with a charging stand to recharge batteries easy. To save energy the system will automatically switch to sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity.


3 – Use the recording option to save a conversation directly to your memory card. This facility is ideal for anyone doing interviews or wanting to record a meeting. It can also be used as a Dictaphone.


4 – Participate in multi-party calls. You can add up to six participants for any call. This is a great feature for anyone who has meeting participants in different locations.


5 – The Konftel 300M comes with a USB connection. This allows the device to be connected to a computer for VoIP calls.


6 – The system also comes equipped with expandable microphones. These are ideal for those having large connected meeting in various locations.


7 -The Konftel 300M can be connected to the 3G and GSM networks. As soon as you insert the SIM card you will be connected to the mobile network.


8 – The device has a built-in phonebook. This is useful for storing all your contacts information and being able to make calls at the push of a button.


9 – With the Konftel 300M you can send and receive text messages.


10 – The Konftel 300M comes with a two year guarantee.


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Beth Wins An iPad

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Crown Telecom - eBillz

Crown Telecom's Billing Manager; Beth Williams wins an iPad

Fantastic news! Our Billing Manager; Beth Williams recently won an iPad courtesy of our billing partner; Ebillz. Beth’s name was randomly selected to win the prize.

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Our Billing

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At Crown Telecom we listen to our customers and only give them the service they need. We recently received some feedback from one of our customers saying;

“Two clicks and I have your bill – contrast this with the country’s leading provider, who make me log on, look at their lousy offers, access my account with personal ID, password and finally see a PDF that I can print.  I have written to them about simplicity and usability but they just don’t get it”.

That’s how easy it is to access Crown Telecom’s online billing. Log-on to our online billing page and access your bill instantly.

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Are you an experienced sales executive? Then we’d love to hear from you.

Crown Telecom are now recruiting B2B telesales staff to sell our complete telecoms solution. We offer a competitive salary and uncapped commission in our brand new, state-of-the-art offices in Bury.

If you’ve got a desire to sell then please send your CV & covering letter to

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National Voice and Data Services Provider Crown Telecom in Local Football Partnership

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Crown Telecom Solutions, the expanding voice and data services provider,will be supporting Rochdale AFC for the 2012/13 season.  In addition to the sponsorship package, Crown will provide a comprehensive package of telecom services to the Spotland Road club.

Crown Telecom managing director, Mark Nicklin, noted, “We operate over a broad geographical base, but it feels right to support the local club, who do so much to promote the town nationally.  We get a good deal from the club with ground signage, programme publicity and hospitality.”

Iain Johnstone sales and marketing manager at Rochdale AFC added, “Our fans are our biggest supporters, but local sponsors are crucial in underpinning that support and helping us to maintain the ground and facilities.  Crown Telecom has been on the ball providing telephone services, installing our systems in double quick time and resolving any problems quickly.”

Crown Telecom offers a complete package of telecommunication services with hardware, line rental, broadband/data, mobiles and billing.  The company took over the business of Rochdale telephone services company Strata Communications last year and has ambitions to grow the business organically and by further strategic acquisitions.

Crown Telecom is part of the Crown Group, one of the largest independent businesses in the North West.  The company is a national provider of fuel and lubricants, electricity and gas services for commercial and public sector organisations and multi utility connection services for the construction sector.  Crown joins other local sponsors, the Co-operative and Howarth Timber alongside kit sponsor Fila.

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Broadband Evolved, Welcome to the Future

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Our superfast Fibre Optic Broadband services offer download speeds of ‘up to 80Mbps’ and upload speeds of ‘up to 20Mbps’. These superfast broadband services will ultimately allow you to do more, faster. Fibre broadband offers faster download speeds so you can get more out of your internet connection than ever before and upload speeds are up to twenty times faster than current broadband speeds increasing from around 1 Mbps to ‘Up to 20Mbps’!

With our Fibre Broadband services you will be able to:

Experience much higher quality VoIP services

Stream HD video content without buffering or pauses

Upload your photos and videos to social networking sites or an online storage service up to 20x faster

Enjoy multiple services around the home/office from a single connection 

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Rochdale v Bury

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Crown Telecom will be sponsoring one of the big League One local derbies on Saturday 28th January, Rochdale entertain Bury in what is looking like a crucial period for the Dale and Bury will be keen to get revenge for the 4-2 home defeat earlier in the season.

We will have our M.D, several staff & our promo Team at the game throughout the day giving out free gifts, so why not come along, join us and ask us about the services we provide.

We will also be taking contact details for a raffle to win tickets to our next game sponsorship – Rochdale Vs Sheffield Utd on Tue 10th April at 7:45 PM which includes 2 Tickets, Meal in a corporate box and drinks.

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Aquisition Of North West Engineering Company

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Less than 12 months after we launched Crown Telecom Solutions, we have made our first acquisition. Crown have acquired Strata Communications, a North West based telecommunications engineering company. Established for over 20 years, Strata built a reputation for customer service and a strong customer base.

This is a perfect fit for us as we offer a complete WLR3 service package with hardware, line rental, broadband/data services, mobiles and billing, whereas Strata is a pure engineering operation. This will add to our technical capacity at precisely the time when new accounts require us to expand the engineering side of our business.

This may be the first of several buy-outs, an acquisition fund has been established to support the growth programme and we are keen to identify telecommunications companies, anywhere in the UK, that we can integrate into the Crown business.

Crown Telecom has seen spectacular organic growth, winning major corporate accounts and work with SME’s throughout the UK. Even before the Strata deal, we grew the business by 50 per cent in the last quarter and see similar natural growth potential over the next trading period. This is a great time for people with talent and energy to come and join us.

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Crown Oil Team to Scale Kilimanjaro

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An eight man team at our sister company Crown Oil are in intensive training in preparation to climb Kilimanjaro, to raise money for the charity MedEquip4Kids.  The team are paying their own way so that every penny raised will go to the charity.  Flying out on September 14 and returning on the September 25, the team will climb the mountain via the 56km Lemosho route to reach the 5895 metre (19341ft) summit.

MedEquip4Kids provides special equipment and facilities for neo-natal units, children’s wards, maternity units and children’s outpatient departments. Recent projects have ranged from the supply of defibrillators and the support of clown doctors to the equipping of a multisensory room. “Our work is about improving children’s healthcare, this often means helping to take some of the anxiety out of hospital visits and treatment,” explained Ghazala Baig, deputy director at MedEquip4Kids.

“We hope to raise at least £10,000, though it would be better if we could smash this target rather than just limp over the line,” explained trek coordinator Terry Day. “The team are combining gym work with hiking trips to the Lakes and Snowdonia at weekends to get used to the climbing and build endurance.”
Supporters can follow the team’s progress here and make donations at their Just Giving Site, where there is also an update on the group’s progress.

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Talk Is Cheap, BT Customers May Disagree!

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In a month where Ofcom (the telecoms regulator) has announced a reduction in mobile termination rates, BT has announced a price increase for the second time in six months.

Despite profits rising 30% to over 530 million in the last quarter of 2010, BT are to increase the cost of daytime landline calls nearly 9% to 7.6p per min from 28th April and also increase line rental by up to 60p a month, this follows a 10% increase in call charges and 50p on line rentals last October.

In a letter to customers, BT said it “appreciated that price rises are never welcome”. So it is reducing the cost of some services at the same time. The Anytime plan, which has inclusive daytime calls, will drop from £5 a month to £4.70. A BT spokesman commented: “A one-minute daytime call will cost 20p from April while Anytime works out at 17p a day, so anyone making regular daytime calls would probably be better off switching.”

We could suggest some alternatives, such as over 90% savings on the call charges above with line rental savings of over 20%.

Give us a call on 08444 150 140 and see just how much better off you could be?

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Mobile Call Rates to be Reduced by Ofcom

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Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has announced it is to cut the fees mobile phone operators can charge other telco’s to connect calls to their network.
From 1st April Ofcom will cap the termination rates charged by all four national mobile network operators, and expect these reductions to be passed on to consumers, this should result in lower costs to mobile from landline telephones and a reduction in cross network call charges on mobiles.
One major factor in Ofcoms’ decision is the way we use our mobile devices, with data usage, such as SMS/instant messaging/mobile internet, growing at a phenomenal rate and less voice traffic being generated.
The reductions will phase in gradually over the next 4 years and could result in savings of up to 80% by 2015.

Download Ofcom’s statement on mobile termination rate as PDF

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Rochdale AFC – Communication Key both on the Field and Off

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Rochdale Football Club has had an amazing few seasons recently, in no small part down to the excellent communication between manager Keith Hill and his players. Chief Executive Colin Garlick suggests the communications off the field have taken a similar upturn in performance.

Our Director of Engineering, Alex Nicklin, also a keen supporter of the club, took the project on himself “The club had three separate antiquated phone systems, running off various lines coming into the ground at different points. We decided to install an ISDN30 digital circuit connected to a backwards and forwards compatible Toshiba Phone System, we also installed a fibre optic link around the ground meaning all areas of the club had both a voice and data link. All staff are now connected and can communicate via internal extensions as opposed to making chargeable external calls”.

The Chief Executive added “Being a Football club the communications are obviously mission critical, especially on match days, and having the 24 hour support offered by Crown is one less thing to worry about in an extremely hectic working environment”.

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Google Remotely Disabling Malicious Apps

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Google has said it is remotely removing the malicious apps downloaded from the companys’ Android Market to over quarter of a million Android based smartphones. This was announced in a blog post which also states that no user data has been compromised by the apps and customers will be informed of the deletion of the malware by late today.

Google also mentioned in the blog that they were “adding a number of measures to help prevent additional malicious applications, using similar exploits, from being distributed through Android”.

View Google Blog Here.

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Ofcom Consultation on Automatically Renewable Contracts

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Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has opened a consultation to stop Telecommunications Providers tying customers in with Automatically Renewable Contracts (ARC’s) also known as ‘rollover contracts’, these are where at the end of the minimum contract period the customer is tied into another contract term unless they specify they do not want this to happen.

Ofcom believe these ARC’s are detrimental to competitive choice as they make it harder for customers to switch providers due to unexpected high early termination fees.

If Ofcom goes ahead after the consultation period has ended (12 May 2011), Providers who continue to use these ‘rolling contracts’ could face enforcement action including a 10% of turnover financial penalty.

Full Ofcom Consultation can be found here or download as PDF

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Google has withdrawn more than 50 apps from it’s Android Market after it’s operating system was subjected to a number of malware attacks from malicious applications.

According the the Financial Times, “the apps mimicked legitimate programs and carried such names as Chess, Bowling Time and Super Guitar Solo, but allowed the developers to exploit a security flaw in most versions of Android.”

DroidDream took advantage of a security hole in Android that has been patched by the Android 2.3 update.

A security expert at Lookout Mobile Security said it’s the first incident of malware attacks on the Android Market he can recall.

Unlike Apples’ app store, Googles’ Android Market has no formal approval process, relying on customer complaints to vet software.

Google refused to comment on the attacks.

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Fixed Cost Telecommunications

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With the recession stifling business growth and new business start ups, Crown Telecom introduce Fixed Cost Telecommunications:

Business Package 1 – £195/Month*
20 Hours Local/ National calls
10 Hours Mobile Calls
3 Analogue Lines
Up to 24Mb Broadband
2x 0844/0845 Telemarketing Numbers
Toshiba Cix 40 Telephone System with Voicemail and 4 Handsets, fully installed and maintained

*Equivalent BT cost WITHOUT Telephone System £242.57 per month

Business Package 2 – £295/Month**

30 Hours Local/ National calls
15 Hours Mobile Calls
1 Analogue Line
4 Channels ISDN with 10 DDi and CLIP
Up to 24Mb Broadband
3x 0844/0845 Telemarketing Numbers
Toshiba Cix 40 Telephone System with Voicemail and 8 Handsets, fully installed and maintained

**Equivalent BT cost WITHOUT Telephone System £389.36 per month

Crown Telecom can also tailor packages to suit any company’s specific telecommunication requirements at a fixed monthly cost.

Call 08444 150 140 to discuss your requirements at a fixed monthly cost

all fixed cost packages are subject to a minimum contract term of 36 months


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Crown Teleconferencing

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A smarter way to conduct Conference calls at just 5p a minute

With Crown Teleconference, you get all the benefits of Conference Calling with none of the inconveniences. You will never be tied into a complicated contract. There are no upfront fees and no invoices other than the cost of an 0843 call (typically, 5p/min from a UK landline). You do not need any additional equipment. Crown Teleconference gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Simple To Use
Decide on a PIN* which may be any number provided it is between six and nine digits long.
Contact the participants you wish to join the voice conference, tell them the PIN and ask that they dial 08434 878 099 at the time agreed for the call to start.
When the call is due to start, all participants should dial 08434 878 099 and then enter the PIN on their telephone keypad. Participants will be asked to say their names and the call can take place.

*Please note: for security reasons you should not use consecutive or recurring numbers for your PIN

Crown Teleconference Price Comparison

For a six participant, half hour conference call, including VAT, the organiser will pay:

Crown Teleconference: £1.50
BT Meet Me: £36.20
Centracom: £25.95
Global Conference: £12.00
3 Auto: £31.02
Intercall: £36.24
Genesys: £34.13


Download as PDF

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Business Mobile Phones

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Crown Telecom Solutions are specialists in the provision of Business mobile communications, including email, data and voice, all at extremely competitive business rates.

Apple iphone

We provide business mobile solutions via UK’s strongest networks Vodafone and O2. There is a great selection of business handsets available from all the market leading manufacturers including Blackberry, Nokia, XDA, iPaq, Samsung and Motorola to name a few.

Crown Telecom Solutions offer a number of tariff plans and special offers which change on a regular basis,

Prices can change daily so please call us for our latest offers and deals on business mobile telephony

  • UK customer service centre
  • Hassle free transfer of existing mobile numbers
  • Bespoke build to order tariffs and tailored calling plans
  • Electronic billing
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